Spotted: Sukha’s Charming Interior Design

sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tentFirst of all, I cannot believe I actually managed to find a blog post about this charming place! This tent, which is such a striking element, has been a massive hit on tumblr (and not only) but nobody has ever mentioned the source. So, imagine my delight when I accidentally came across a proper blog post about it that featured even more beautiful pictures from this place and a proper description.

I came to know that this charming interior design is part of Sukha, a concept store located in Amsterdam near Central Station. This space abounds in so much positivity and joy because of the palette of colors and fabrics. The high celling, the sheer white walls and the floor create a fresh airy space that exudes in optimism. Needless to say that the clothing, furniture, jewelry, accessories and home decor that you can find and buy from there follows the same path of originality and visual delight. Enjoy the pictures!

sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-2sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-1 sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-3 sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-4 sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-5all pictures via vosgesparis