Because I love sweaters.


Knitting is something that I hardly can resist. Perhaps, it’s that pleasant feeling of familiarity and sweet childhood memories that take over me whenever I find a wonderfully knitted sweater, the type that my grandma used to make for me.  All I know is that I giggle like a little kid whenever winter comes because I know it’s time for sweaters!

sweaters-patterns-knitting-style-winter sweater-2012-grey-2013-grey-is-the-new-black-styleh&m-sweater-style-wintersweaterspictures by me (brands: H&M, PNK, Bershka, Nisan etc.) 

Currently Lovin’…Black & White Looks by Mango

I just took a look at Mango’s November Loobook starring model Ophelie Rupp and these are some of my favorite outfits. I have been carving for a white suit for a very long time and I hope I will eventually end up buying one. (pictures via: fashioning.com)

My Style: Black & White Urban Outfit

So today I decided to do something a little bit different! This is the first time I took pictures of my own clothes and decided to show them on my blog . I just thought I should do a more personal post, as my blog is quite general & impersonal. I love this black & white trend! I am crazy for knitted sweaters and this white one is among my favorites. I love mixing patterns and this casual urban style has grown on me lately. So…this is what I came up with…

Outfit: Mango skirt/ Nisan sweater/ Meli Melo bag/ Adidas Sneakers

pictures taken by me

Currently Lovin’…Colors

Just yesterday I expressed my lack of enthusiasm for animal print (it’s still there), but I do have to admit I’m craving for this sweater. And that’s because of the blue & mint that make such an attractive combination. After seeing this picture I kinda wish I had blonde curls…(picture: Anna Maria by Sebastian Cviq for Confashion Magazine via fashionising.com)