Spotting…: Zebra Shoe Print

This year has been a complete craziness when it comes to prints. The award for the most popular print would definitely go to the leopard one, followed closely by other wild cat inspirations such as the tiger.

Now as the winter is getting closer, it seems that the savanna animals are joined by other carnivorous animal representatives to balance the temperatures. Better said, the creeping animal category is moving in – reptiles such as the snakes are a major inspiration.

As these two seem to have taken over the world of prints, I’m taking a breath of fresh air by showing you this lovely pair of zebra printed shoes spotted in Duran Duran’s new music video “Girl Panic”. This print was more popular last year when you could find pretty much all the clothing items in black and white zebra stripes, from tights to jackets, t-shirts, skirts and so on.

 screen shots by me, video source: Youtube

A Fashion Affair: Duran Duran – Girl Panic! Official Music Video

The band’s newest video entitled “Girl Panic!” is a spectacular opulent exhibition of fashion elements. From lace dresses, fur coats and feather skirts to glittery shoes, sequined trousers and leather tops, the video is filled up with luxurious pieces. And who else could have presented them better other than the 80’s models, the very famous Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford. The beautiful four models are presented living a glamorous and hectic life, full of events, parties along their friends, champagne and designer-label clothes including Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain and Louis Vuitton. In fact, this presentation is the band’s itself.

Naomi Campbell plays lead singer Simon Le Bon, Cindy Crawford plays bassist John Taylor, Eva Herzigova is keyboardist Nick Rhodes, Helena Christensen is drummer Roger Taylor, while Yasmine Le Bon takes a turn as their unnamed guitarist. The real members of Duran Duran appear as supporting staff: bellhops, waitstaff, chauffeurs and press members.

Spicing up the video fashion-wise once again, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana are spotted in it as well, helping out the beautiful models to get dressed in glamorous Dolce & Gabbana outfits for a photoshoot done by the designers themselves. The result, a stylish magazine cover for Harper’s Bazaar.

These are just a couple of screen shots that I have selected from this video. Enjoy!


Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” Music Video – Outfits

Some people say this is one of Beyonce’s best videos, some others completely disagree by complaining about its simplicity…well, sometimes less is more and taking into consideration the message of this song I’d say it fits. Why? Because this time it is not about a video with settings, outfits and dance moves that blow your mind but about the lyrics. Let’s take another song, Halo, for example. What a beautiful song, and what a simple video. Same goes with Single Ladies. I can’t say the same thing about  Run the world(Girls) though. Not an incredibly enjoyable song, but they had to  make up for it so they shot a badass video. It’s all about strategy…

Best Thing I Never Had” music video goes something like this:

It starts with Beyonce wearing an Agent Provocateur laced bodysuit and getting ready for the wedding as she remembers one for her unfortunate ex boyfriends…