Charming Rustic Accents

interior-design-rustic-interiors-accents-chic-shabby-scandinavian-style-white-pinkThis morning I woke up and it was such a cold drab weather I wished a ray of sunshine would’ve break through the clouds to cheer me up. There was no chance for that whatsoever since the sky has been covered in clouds all week, so instead, I started browsing the Internet for some lovely things to make my morning prettier. And obviously I stumbled upon some charming interiors that I collected here to share with you guys. Everybody is choosing Christmas-related topics to write about, but today I felt I needed a little bit of color and summery warmth, so this cozy rustic spaces have enlighten my morning and I hope they will bright your day too. Enjoy! And have a lovely weekend! (more…)

Calvin Klein: The Perfect Cut


Calvin Klein, spring-summer 2011 rtw

I have always thought that the best plunging neckline can only be achieved thorough minimalism. It’s a matter of aesthetic: the right combination of boldness and elegance woven together with the perfection of the cut. Calvin Klein is probably my favorite brand when it comes to it and the art of highlighting the best of a deep neckline. Francisco Costa knows exactly how to balance simplicity with the right amount of sensuality to create an utterly feminine piece for women.

picture via style.com

Spotted: Sukha’s Charming Interior Design

sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tentFirst of all, I cannot believe I actually managed to find a blog post about this charming place! This tent, which is such a striking element, has been a massive hit on tumblr (and not only) but nobody has ever mentioned the source. So, imagine my delight when I accidentally came across a proper blog post about it that featured even more beautiful pictures from this place and a proper description.

I came to know that this charming interior design is part of Sukha, a concept store located in Amsterdam near Central Station. This space abounds in so much positivity and joy because of the palette of colors and fabrics. The high celling, the sheer white walls and the floor create a fresh airy space that exudes in optimism. Needless to say that the clothing, furniture, jewelry, accessories and home decor that you can find and buy from there follows the same path of originality and visual delight. Enjoy the pictures!

sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-2sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-1 sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-3 sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-4 sukha-concept-store-amsterdam-interior-design-tent-5all pictures via vosgesparis

Eternal White: Stéphane Rolland Couture


Winter is very soon coming to an end and I am happily looking forward to spring, as are the designers. Recently, the elites presented their spring haute couture collections and obviously I had to peek at each and one of them. There was something about Stéphane Rolland’s runway looks that immediately drew my attention. The sheer simplicity and the perfect tayloring were transported into a classic minimalistic perfection that centered on the two classic antagonist colours: black and white. You can see the collection here: wwd.com.


I haven’t really covered any Parisian street style that went on during the haute couture fashion week, but Stéphane Rolland’s monochrome collection gives me the perfect reason to do so and point out the timeless vibe of white in outfits and elegant black details.

spring-2013-haute-couture-paris-white-black-suit-street-style-anna-dello-rosso- Street-Style-Paris-Haute-Couture-Week-Spring-2013-flair-white-black-outfit-leather-bag

pictures: runway photos via wwd.com/ 1st street style picture via allerretour.com/ 2nd picture via savoirflair.com

The 2013 People’s Choice Awards – The Outfits


The 2013 People’s Choice Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, but the red carpet wasn’t really that impressive. I guess it’s because the Golden Globes are right around the corner and I already set  my expectations very high, maybe too high to be able to focus on this show.  But there were definitely some wonderful gowns that are worth mentioning: Taylor Swift‘s breath-taking sheer white gown with a plunging neckline and Naomi‘s stylish Alexander McQueen dress are among my favorites. Katy Perry donned a lovely Valentino dress as well. And “The  Big Bang Theory” actress,  Kaley Cuoco looked gorgeous is a  Christian Siriano spring 2013 dress. As for the hair, braids seemed to be very popular among the stars.